When we first visited Kenya in 2002, we were “greeted” by a sense of need! Instead of a well-furnished, air-conditioned places of worship, people in the village were meeting under an avocado tree. When it rained, they could not worship. The sun was hot. It was unbelievable!

The following year (2003), we built the first church. And from then, we have erected twenty-three churches. This year, we are working on building two more churches. Most recently some church groups were provided with a metal roof/shade.

Our mission is spreading the gospel of God’s love and His soon return to everyone, directing them to Him as the solution to the world’s problems. We want our churches to be a place where the people can love people there. That the people will come to know Jesus who died for them. That they can receive a Bible and study for themselves and not just listen to what people tell them.

Our ongoing projects include distribution of Bibles and supporting over 13 Bible workers.