Their Story

Testimonies of Children from the orphanage

Several children have experience a life changing moment at the Adevent Hope Ministry Orphanges. Here are just a few stories from them.

I am thankful to God for life and His tender mercies. Before we “were picked” up by the Advent Hope, we were hopeless because nobody took care of us and our needs. But through God’s intervention, you have been as our parents. I am grateful for your support. You heartily decided and sacrificed yourself to rescue us from the worst situation we were in. You have provided for us healthy nourishing food. You have taken us to school. You cared for our spirituality. You have had a profound impact on our lives. I do recall the state you found me in and compare with what I am now, there is a substantial change in my life. Thank you for leading me to know God. I pray for you every time I think about the impact you have made in my life. Glory be to God.


Thank you for being with me since my childhood. I thank the Almighty God for enabling me to reach this far with my education. I have achieved my Diploma Certificate and exams were out last week on Thursday and I found out that I got a distinction which is equivalent to first class. Just waiting for graduation. I am incredibly happy for your sacrifice to support us. Thank you for teaching me the word of God. You have been my parents. God bless you for making me what I am today. Thank you.