Widows’ Home

Over the years, we came to realize the perils of the majority of widows in Kenya, especially the older ladies. Many have no family to help them. They are living in terrible conditions in huts with leaking roofs and very little food. In 2016, we founded a widows’ home to offer a safe environment for the aging ladies. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The widows offer companionship for the girls at the orphanage. This gives them a sense of family and they learn to help the older ladies as well.

There are ten older widows at the facility. We also support thirty-nine younger widows with children that were unable to provide food and clothes for their children. They get a minimal amount, but it helps them to be able to send the children to school, and to get some food and clothes for the children.

The cost of supporting one elderly widow is about $240/year. That of younger widows is approximately $30/month per person. Due to the change in the economy in Kenya, we need more funds to continue supporting them.