We needed to do something for the children in the streets instead of in school. We believe that food, clothing, and shelter, as important as these are, are not the only ways to support a child. Education is also very key in shaping the future of a child and eventually the society.

In 2007, we established the first school in Kenya at Ibencho. In 2014, a second school at Eberinde. Then the Highway school in 2015 and another school in Massai land in 2018. The main objective was to train children to be responsible adults and to be able to support themselves and their families. This would in turn transform their social status and the community they live in. Today, there are over four hundred children enrolled in our schools. That means, over four hundred children in school rather than roaming the streets!

The schools also provide a spiritual atmosphere for the children to grow in their relationship with God. We have realized that these schools are rich mission fields for the Lord!

The schools are not only a benefit to the children but also to several locals by offering employment opportunities. There are over thirty-four teachers and several other employees in these schools. What a blessing to see such projects transforming the society!

The cost of operation is Approximately $1600/month. Some school fees from community children are collected. Most of that goes for chalk or books for the teachers, or classroom needs.

In addition, Kenya has changed to a new school curriculum. Now grades 6-9 are junior high school. So additional equipment – tablets – computers – are needed to meet the requirements. We also need to build additional classrooms. Please support in any way possible.